The Roy Throw
The Roy Throw
The Roy Throw
The Roy Throw

The Roy Throw

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This blanket gives us instant retro plaid vibes with it's rich color palette of orange, brown, grey, red and even a hint of teal. The 'Roy' blanket is a hand woven wool blanket that uses 50% hand spun and dyed yarn by L.H and 50% commercially spun yarn.

Louise spends quite a bit of time prepping the materials to make her blankets as the majority of her pieces start from scratch. This means collecting, cleaning + carding local wool from farmers in the Fraser Valley. Spinning and dying yarn for specific projects. Keep in mind while the majority of this blankets material is hand spun, there is a portion that is commercially spun wool.

Size: 80" x 46"

Fibre: 100% wool hand spun and hand dyed by L.H

Fibre Source: Ethically Farmed Local fleece from the Fraser Valley 

Artisan: Louise. H 

Time: 20+ hours of work 

Care: Hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry  



  • This blanket is made and will be shipped the next business day




- We are apart of a slow fashion, ethically sourced, and - ethically made movement. We hope you enjoy working with us, as much as we enjoy creating our own fibre designs for you and your loved ones