Pet Cocoon - Dog/Cat Beds
Pet Cocoon - Dog/Cat Beds
Pet Cocoon - Dog/Cat Beds

Pet Cocoon - Dog/Cat Beds

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We love our dogs - often reffered to as our furchildren - not including them in our wool collection series was simply not an option.

We put a lot of thought into the design of our dog beds. We wanted them to be super comfortable & snuggly for those furiends who like to be covered, yet still warm, spacious and open for those who don't - but at the same time adding a little texture and softness to your rooms decor. Its simply an efficient yet lux design that is easy on the eyes and certainly not an eye sore. 

For those of you thinking that your pup is the wrecking type - that ruins beds by nibbling or simply ripping it in half...we have you covered! Since we make our pet beds with 100% wool, by using just a simple felting needle (available in our Wool+ Care Package) you can easily "felt" the tears and nibbled back together! Plus wool is completely digestible - so if they end up eating pieces of the bed you know they will be completely fine. 


Fibre Manufacture: Shipped to Toronto, Canada to be made into roving, shipped to Edmonton,BC to be hand dyed by a small artisan, and then directly sent to Mulder and Company in Abbotsford/Chilliwack of the Fraser Valley, BC.

Artisan: J. Cumiskey 



  • We try to maintain a healthy stock of our merino however wait times often are 1-2 weeks until shipping. This allows our artisans time to receive the wool, knit your blanket, and ship them 




- We are apart of a slow fashion, ethically sourced, and - ethically made movement. We hope you enjoy working with us, as much as we enjoy creating our own fibre designs for you and your loved ones