The relationship between process and the makers creating our bedding is extremely important to our small company. Why? Because we see our process as it a direct reflection of the artisans in our community. 

We have decided to focus working with local, independent artisans that are empowered by traditional fibre work. We value our relationships with these artists and are excited to share their work and the process with you. 


Textiles - Our Certified GOTS Organic fabric comes from a Canadian textile supplier in Vancouver. Our supplier prides themselves on sourcing sustainable and ethical textiles. While we are not hands on in the textile production process, we do know that due to GOTS regulations workers are treated ethically and paid fairly. 

Seamstress - Other than myself, J.Cumiskey, we work exclusively with one other talented, french heritage seamstress (L.H) who sews nearly all of the bags, duvet casings, and duvet covers! You can tell from her work that she is a perfectionist and has been apart of this Scandinavian duvet dream from the start. L.H is one of the most talented seamstresses, weaver, spinner & fibre elder I have ever met and I have always wanted her to feel valued in what she does. This means that I pay her what she deserves to be paid per piece as a talented traditional fibre artist. Yes, this is a little more than what other workers would typically be paid in factory settings, but she deserves it and for the quality work she does & the fibre knowledge she brings to this brand - she's worth it! 

Our process and relationship - After I pick up the fabric from Vancouver, I hand cut every duvet in my small studio, I then meet with L.H in her home studio and let her get to sewing. Each duvet take a few hours to cut, sew & press.

Wooliers - I use ethically farmed, local sheep's wool from small farmers milled in a traditional carding machine in my Abbotsford, BC. Not only do they support the local fibre community, but they also clean and card local wool with their 150 year old carding machine. Talk about old world fibre traditions. I am beyond excited to be working with Birkeland Bros Wool and share more about their story in the following weeks to come!  

Tuffing (hand-stuffing and tying) - Ta-dah, the hand-stuffer and knot tier for every duvet is me, J.Cumiskey! After L.H does her thing, I separate a large piece of carded wool by hand and prepare it to be stuffed into your duvet. Once it is stuffed, I hand stitch & knot over a dozen yarn ties throughout the blanket to secure the wool with the blanket. 

Labels - My bags and labels are printed by local talent & old school screen printer Annie Axtell in her Vancouver studio.