- Quality over Quantity -

Hej Hej! I am Jenelle Cumiskey of Mulder and Company (mac).

Better for - environment - people - animals

Inspired by - minimal impact - culture - nature  

I use natural fibers unconventionally in a few rather traditional forms of the fibre arts such as knitting, crochet, weaving, felting, and spinning. My style craves a clean simple base layered with natural textures + neutral colors. I specifically use all-natural fibers - wool, linen, hemp, cotton - that are ethically and responsibly sourced as well as biodegradable (zero-micropollutants).  

I am constantly being inspired by my life's journey, intwining both my Scandinavian and Canadian West Coast heritage, traditions, cultures, and modern creativity. However, my fibre knowledge and techniques of knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning have slowly grown from my grandmothers love for the fibre arts (spinner and weaver for 30 years). I have also been incredibly lucky to spend precious time over the past few years with the spinners and weavers of both Northern Sweden and Chilliwack, BC. You all have my heart. 


- M.A.C Merino Wool -  

Mac merino wool is ethically sourced, ultra-soft at 21.5 microns, and is (extremely) lofty and thick -which is rare for any type of unspun wool roving, but especially merino roving.

Our merino wool is sourced from New Zealand and/or Great Britain farms and manufactured in Canada.To meet ethical standards our wool is sheared from merino sheep raised by small farming collectives that practice above and beyond their countries ethical farming techniques. The raw and greasy wool is then shipped from New Zealand to a wool processing mill in Ontario, Canada to be washed, scoured, and carded into unspun wool roving (unspun yarn). Embracing the unconventional side of fibre art, they ship the unspun merino wool roving to mac in the Fraser Valley - Chilliwack, B.C.

My work is perfectly imperfect and is meant to be handled with care. All of my pieces should be treated as an investment that can be passed down to your children, a merino wool care guide is provided with each purchase.

About M.A.C Artist

 J. Cumiskey

- Inspired by nature, tradition, textures & wool hoarding.