Organic Hemp + Cotton Duvet Cover
Organic Hemp + Cotton Duvet Cover
Organic Hemp + Cotton Duvet Cover
Organic Hemp + Cotton Duvet Cover
Organic Hemp + Cotton Duvet Cover
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Organic Hemp + Cotton Duvet Cover

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The Sleep Capsule Collection includes one personal duvet of your choice - light, medium, or all-season - as well as a duvet cover and standard pillow case made of a soft & slightly heavier organic cotton and linen.

Concept - Each body in bed gets their own personal duvet. Every body is unique and runs at different temperatures. One body might run hot (ahem my husband) while the other body in bed runs cold (me - the wife with cold feet). Eliminate blanket hogging, sweating & freezing all together by using two of our wool duvets side by side, rather than just one, to create the perfect sleeping capsule.

We use old world fibers, such as wool, and organic cotton/ hemp/ linen, as they are incredibly efficient fibers in terms of insulation, temperature regulating & moisture wicking - so much so that they will keep you the perfect temperature all night. When using wool it is important to note that less is more.

We specifically use these fibers because they work together as a team - while wool insulates and absorbs body heat and moisture through the night, the organic cotton and hemp covers allow the wool to breath. The air flow, or breathing, of the duvet is essential for the wool and what keeps you at the perfect temperature all night.

The duvet designs are minimal and sleek, allowing you to take them in and out of the duvet covers with ease. The covers have a hidden slit sewn into on the bottom, there are no buttons, velcro, or ties which will make your covers last even longer.

Sizing- one size (57x86)

One duvet fits a single mattress, or a double mattress for one person. 

Two duvets fit side by side on a double, queen, king, and cali-king. 

Duvet Weights - While you know your body and sleep pattern best, note that the environment of which you sleep will make a difference for the weight you choose. While wool is excellent at climate control, there is only so much it can adjust to. One of the biggest impacts is the room temperature/air flow - do you sleep with the heat on? window open a crack? fan? Another sleep impact would be your choice of pajamas - fabric type, thickness etc. All things to consider when purchasing your duvet! 

Light Cool - the perfect comforter weight for summer and/or all season for bodies who run warm all year.

Medium warm - perfect for those who need a little more warmth in the cooler fall/spring months, and can be a dead of winter blanket for those who run warm  

All-Season - we created a package of individual light and the medium weight duvets that are tied together to create an ultra warm comforter. This is the most transitional and versatile duvet set as it also allows you to untie them and use just the light duvet in the summer, medium in the fall/spring, and in cold winter weather tie both together for an ultra warm comforter. 


Duvet: Ethically + Locally Sourced Wool, Recycled Natural Cotton, Cotton Thread, Upcycled Wool Blend Yarn.

Duvet Cover + Pillow Case: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Hemp, Cotton Thread. 





 * Please refer to sizing above and note that these are intended as individual duvets, 1 per person ( you will need 2 per set ). Before you check out, if you are buying as a bed set, please make sure that you have chosen the same cover colors for both of your duvets! 

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