The Bedding Capsule

An all natural, ethically, and sustainably made bedding capsule for families. We have designed a unique two duvet system that uses wool and natural fibers to bring you the perfect sleep every night for years to come.

Local Wool Filling

temperature regulating + moisture wicking - perfect for sleep

Organic Duvet Covers

hemp | linen | cotton

The Perfect Bedding Capsule

Intentionally + Ethically made in Chilliwack, BC


My husband and I bought a set of your beautiful duvets. We both agree that we are never going back to a traditional duvet. It's so nice to not have one of us (read: my husband) hogging the duvet


We received our duvets this week and they’re absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. I love them!


I want to tell you that I love my sleep capsule! I got the light for my husband and the all-season for myself. Thank you again and I can’t believe its taken me this long to switch to wool!